Jersey City Bike Plan on Google Maps

Posted on 11/07/2013


Screenshot of the

Screenshot of the Google Map of Jersey City’s bike plan (partial view missing some of the southernmost and northernmost portions of the city.) Existing bike lanes in yellow, future bike lanes in green, sharrows in purple. Click on image for full view in Google Maps.

I’ve been looking through Jersey City’s plan for on-street bicycle facilities. The plan was made public in 2012. It serves as the blueprint for ~60-miles of bike lanes and sharrows that Mayor Fulop has pledged to implement by mid-2014, apparently with a few changes. 

Bikas posted the overall Jersey City bike plan document here. Unfortunately, the bike facility map (last page) is a little difficult to make out – so I figured I would input the various segments into an on-line map, hopefully for easier use. The google map of Jersey City’s on-street bike facilities is now on-line here. Hopefully I’ve entered things correctly; if anyone spots discrepancies, let me know and I will correct them.

The plan map (last page here) shows a fairly elaborate 5-part phasing. I left the phasing out of the Google Map. Though the phases are well thought-out and make a lot of sense, it now appears that Mayor Fulop will include all five phases in an initial roughly one-year implementation phase. I did map the distinction between bike lanes and sharrows. Planned bike lanes are shown in green  Sharrowed routes in purple. Existing bike lanes (all four streets: Fulton, Grove, Lincoln Park, and Woodlawn) are shown in yellow.

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