Build Back Better! Urge L.A. City and Metro to Add Bikeways as They Restore DTLA Regional Connector Streets

Posted on 06/07/2021


Downtown L.A. has endured a half-decade of construction for the Metro Regional Connector subway. Construction is nearly complete. The new subway is due to open in 2022. Metro is already starting to restore streets where it has been doing construction.

Metro map of Regional Connector street reconstruction – via Metro Regional Connector street reconstruction page

After adding great new transit stations and new transit service – why restore streets back to the way they were in 2014? Why not upgrade them – adding first/last mile bike lanes to access the new stations?

Street restoration includes several wide streets with plenty of space for bike lanes: Flower Street, Hope Street, Alameda Street, and Temple Street. In addition, the city of L.A.’s Mobility Plan designates protected bike lanes on First Street and Second Street. Short new lanes on Third Street would connect a southbound Flower bike lane to its couplet partner northbound on Figueroa.

If Metro and the city of L.A. act now, they could implement numerous new bike lanes improving downtown’s already fairly good network of bikeways. Implementing them when post-construction streets are due for resurfacing saves the city time and money.

This future first/last mile bikeway network (shown in pink) could be implemented as part of Regional Connector street restoration

Please send respectful emails to Metro and L.A. City leaders to encourage them to implement a first/last mile Regional Connector bikeway network. Also encourage them via social media.

Send emails to:

  • Honorable L.A. City Councilmember Kevin de León
  • Honorable L.A. Mayor and Metro Board Chair Eric Garcetti
  • Honorable County Supervisor and Metro Boardmember Hilda Solis
  • Honorable L.A. City Councilmember and Metro Boardmember Paul Krekorian
  • Honorable L.A. City Councilmember and Metro Boardmember Mike Bonin

Sample letter – please put in your own words:

Honorable [NAME]

In the next couple months, as Metro finishes Regional Connector construction and restores downtown L.A. streets, the roadway work presents an important opportunity to re-pave and re-stripe these streets better than they were when construction got underway a half-decade ago. Please add bike lanes to restored downtown streets to create a first/last mile network for cyclists to access Regional Connector stations.

Please save time and money by adding new protected bike lanes to restored sections of 1st and 2nd Streets, and adding new bike lanes (protected where space permits) to 3rd, Alameda, Flower, Temple, and any other street restorations with sufficient space.

Thank you.