Jersey City Bike Network Contract at Council This Wednesday Night

Posted on 11/11/2013


Jersey City's new bike lane on Woodlawn Avenue near West Side Avenue

Recent new bike lane on Woodlawn Avenue in Jersey City. The contract for roughly 50 miles of additional bike lanes and sharrows will be decided at City Council this Wednesday

This wednesday night, November 13th 2013, the City Council of Jersey City will be voting on the city’s contract for implementation of on-street bikeway facilities. The vote is on item  Z1 resolution 13.756 (on page 15 of the council agenda posted here.) The resolution states:

Resolution authorizing the award of contract to Statewide Striping for Traffic Striping and Crosswalk Maintenance Program, Project No. 13.17 for the Department of Public Works, Division of Architecture, Engineering, Traffic and Transportation

There are more background materials about this in the city’s resolutions pdf posted here – from page 251-261. The city bid out the bikeway pavement markings project (13-017) and received two bids. One from Statewide Striping ($557,000) and one from Zone Striping Inc ($820,000.)

I don’t expect that this will be a controversial item. Funding for this was already allocated in September 2013. This vote is just to award the contract to spend the capital funding that was already allocated. Nonetheless, Bikas encourages Jersey City bicyclists to attend the council meeting this Wednesday and to speak in favor of awarding the contract for bikeway implementation.  The meeting will take place Wednesday November 13th 2013 at 6pm at City Hall, located at 280 Grove Street, Jersey City.

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