Bike Lanes on 7th Street in Los Angeles Koreatown

BIKAS got its start on the streets of Los Angeles Streets in early 2012. Bikas was founded by Joe Linton – longtime urban environmental advocate. Linton co-founded the L.A. County Bicycle Coalition, and has been active with various environmental groups including Friends of the L.A. River, L.A. Creek Freak, L.A. Eco-Village, Green L.A. Transportation Work Group, Urban Semillas, Livable Places and more.

UPDATE – January 2013 – I fell in love and moved east! I am now living in Jersey City, New Jersey, one train stop from Manhattan. Bikas, as a Los Angeles-based bike advocacy organizational, is on-hold for right now… For now, this blog explores bike issues in the city of Jersey City, and the states of New Jersey and New York. 

Bikas (prounounced roughly “BIKE-us”) is Spanglish for bikes. B.I.K.A.S. is an acronym, too; it stands for:

  • Bicycle
  • Infrastructure
  • Knowledge
  • Activism and
  • Safety

We focus on getting bicycle facilities implemented, primarily in the city of Los Angeles. We support bike lanes, bicycle boulevards, road diets, and other ways to make our streets safe and comfortable for bicyclists and all road users. We organize communities to press for safer streets. In addition to bicycle infrastructure, we support complete streets – streets that serve a balanced mix of transportation modes: bicycling, walking, transit, and other modes.

We support policies that move us toward healthy complete streets. Two examples of these policies would be supporting parking reform and opposing street widening.

Follow/contact/join us:

Twitter @BikasLA
bikas.losangeles [at] gmail.com
Tumblr blog
and Facebook group 

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