Jersey City Bicycling Wrap-Up

Posted on 02/12/2014


The NJ Transit bike path leading to Hoboken's 2nd Street Light Rail Station is open!

The NJ Transit bike path leading to Hoboken’s 2nd Street Light Rail Station is open!

In just a couple days, I am moving to Los Angeles to write for L.A. Streetsblog. I don’t expect to be posting much here at Bikas… but you can read my stuff at L.A. Streetsblog. I have a few last things to post about Jersey City. JC has been a great place to live, and bike and walk, for nearly two years, but family and roots are in L.A. for me.

– NJ Transit opened its bike-walk path located along the edge of Hoboken. Bikas covered this earlier here and here. It apparently opened in early January 2014. I’ve walked past it a couple of times, and they are clearing snow. Photo above. More photos at BikeJC Facebook page – which is where I first learned it was open.

– I posted a Jersey City lessons learned piece at L.A. Streetsblog. I think it’s a good summary of much of what’s gone on in Jersey City during my time here, though targeted toward an L.A. audience.

– A while back I did a public records request to get Jersey City’s scope of work for I am posting the document here (part 1 and part 2) so it’s available on-line for anyone who might need it. I was hoping it would actually show what streets Jersey City was contracting for… but it doesn’t. The only real specifics are things like overall mileage.

Good luck JC folks! My wife still owns her place here, so we’re still stakeholders. We’re looking forward to coming back and visiting – hopefully renting a bike share bicycle and riding on the new bike lane network.

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