Jersey City bike share RFP – Responses Due January 31 2014

Posted on 01/15/2014


Jersey City, Hoboken and Weehawken have partnered to implement a three-municipality bike share system, similar to NYC’s Citibike. The joint RFP is available online here. The deadline for submissions is January 31st 2014; the specified launch date for the system is Summer 2014.

The RFP includes this description of Jersey City:

Jersey City, New Jersey’s second largest city with over 250,000 residents, has a strong grassroots bicycle culture and is quickly emerging as a great bike city. Jersey City is preparing to implement 56 miles of bicycle facilities in the summer of 2014, giving it the most centerline miles of bicycle facilities in the state. Jersey City’s Historic Downtown neighborhoods feature many bike share-friendly characteristics, including very high population densities, the 18th largest central business district in the U.S., and a robust transit network of three subway stations, seven light rail stations, and more than a half-dozen bus routes. Adjacent to Jersey City’s Historic Downtown is Liberty State Park – the most visited state park in New Jersey and second most visited state park in the U.S. – featuring 1,200 acres of public space and approximately 12 miles of bike trails.

and this description of the initial quantities of bicycles mandated for the system launch:

The City of Hoboken, City of Jersey City, and Township of Weehawken believe that a regional bike sharing program would complement the area’s existing and future bike network and supplement the area’s robust regional transit network. The Cities’ vision is to implement the program in phases, with a minimum of 600 bikes in Phase I and additional bikes in later phases based on system demand and mutual agreement between the Contractor and the Cities.

Phase I should include a city-wide rollout in Hoboken consisting of a minimum of 250 bikes. In Jersey City, Phase I should include a minimum of 250 bikes in Zone 1 [basically the flat coastal portion of downtown Jersey City] and a number of bikes in zones 2, 3, 4, and 5 at the discretion of the bidder. (see Appendix B). A minimum of 100 bikes should be distributed throughout the Township of Weehawken.

I joined and frequently use Citibike. I am excited for bikesharing to reach Jersey City. Given the delays that Citibike experienced, I find myself hopeful but also a tad skeptical that such a tight implementation deadline can be met. As was the case in NYC, it’s going to take political and civic leadership – from Jersey City, Hoboken, and Weehawken – to keep this important endeavor on-track.

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