New Bike Lanes on Santa Monica Blvd in East Hollywood

Posted on 11/27/2012


New bike lanes on Santa Monica Boulevard in East Hollywood

There are 0.3 miles of new bike lanes on Santa Monica Boulevard in the city of Los Angeles neighborhood of East Hollywood. The new bike lanes extend from just below Sunset Boulevard at Sunset Junction all the way to Virgil Avenue, fairly near the new Bicycle Kitchen’s new location.

The lanes connect with existing bike lanes on Myra Avenue and stop just a block short of connecting with bike lanes on Sunset Boulevard. The new lanes end at Gateway Avenue – one short block from Sunset Boulevard. They will connect with bike lanes scheduled to be added to Virgil Avenue within the current fiscal year (meaning: to added by July 1st 2013.) In the above embedded map, the new bike lanes are in yellow, existing lanes in green, and near future bike lanes in red.

Bike lanes for his stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard were approved in the city’s Bicycle Plan; the lanes are partially (from Hoover/Myra to Virgil) in the city’s 5-Year Implementation Strategy.

Bikas visited the new lanes last week and they were almost done. The lines had been striped, but the bike symbols hadn’t been painted. Cyclists and quite a few cars were using the new bike lanes.

Thanks to Road Block @wolfpackhustle for alerting me to the new lanes via Twitter.

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