Wednesday Reading Round-Up: Bikewashing, Gear, Critical Mass

Posted on 08/01/2012


An occasional round-up of some links that Bikas recommends!

Irritating ad for Toyota SUV – Bikas recommends just skipping the SUV and going directly to the bike polo

>At Taking the Lane, Elly Blue coins a new term “Bikewashing” to describe those non-bikey things that are using bikes to advertise. An excerpt:

As bicycling becomes more popular, there’s been a shift in the bike imagery used in advertising. Sure, there are still adssuggesting that you’re a loser if you ride a bike, but there are a growing number using bikes to convey a sense that the company cares about the values of active transportation, health, and localism.

It seems like bikes are all over the ad world these days – from ads for cars to healthcare to snack-crackers. It’s ironic (and very very irritating) to me that car companies use bikes to advertise. There are a lot of implications, but it seems like car-people want to be associated with the freedom of bicycling… my recomendation: skip the car and go directly to the bike stuff.

The article at Taking the Lane is good; the discussion does touch on the good aspects of bikewashing… in many ways it’s a sign that bicycling is popular and awesome!

> The NY Times has a Dave Eggers review of Grant Petersen’s new book Just Ride, including a critique of dressing up in fancy expensive clothing to bike. An excerpt:

“In its need for special clothing,” [Petersen] writes, “bicycle riding is less like scuba diving and more like a pickup basketball game.” A regular cotton T-shirt and a pair of shorts will ventilate better, he says, and if you’re not trying to shave seconds off a world record, the microscopic aerodynamic advantages of tight synthetic clothing just don’t apply to you.

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