How To Get Bike Parking At Your Supermarket

Posted on 06/22/2012


Programming nota: Bikas’ entire writing team is going out of town for a few days – we’ll be back in town, rightin’ reedin’ and respondin’ next Wednesday June 27th 2012.  Here’s a quick post while we pack –

Rye Baerg at LACBC’s research presentations night – photo from LACBC Facebook click for their photoset

Earlier this week, I attended the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition‘s event Supporting a Bikeable Los Angeles with Research. The three research presentations were excellent, and are summarized at Better Bike. Bikas plans to cover them a bit more when we get around to it, but one fun anecdote. 

Rye Baerg did a presentation on the survey work he did to create L.A. City’s bike parking ordinance, which was approved but is still awaiting final legal language before going into effect. He explained how to get bike parking in places where there isn’t any, especially supermarkets. Rye suggests that you walk in, carrying your bicycle. At that point he gestured as if carrying the bicycle on his shoulder. Once you’re inside with your bike, ask to speak with the manager. Rye suggests that you let the manager know that you’d like to shop here, but there just isn’t any bike parking… and that maybe you’d go elsewhere if you can’t park here.

I don’t know about your local supermarket, but I find it irritating that the staff at my local Vons always asks me “would you like help out to your car?” I respond politely that I came by bicycle. There are some crappy wheel-bender racks over to side at this Vons, so I end up locking to the metal pen that holds the shopping carts – where there’s usually a bike or two already locked.

Anyone else have any good tips for getting bike parking at your local stores?

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