New Bike Lanes on Figueroa in South Los Angeles

Posted on 06/19/2012


New bike lanes on Figueroa Street in South Los Angeles’ Harbor Gateway

It’s the end of the fiscal year and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation has been busy adding quite a few new bike lane facilities. Bikas may need to do multiple posts each day to keep up with the city’s impressive output. This post’s featured bike lanes are on South Figueroa Street, extending 1.0-mile from El Segundo Boulevard to Rosecrans Avenue. 

The lanes are located in a part of the city of Los Angeles called the “shoestring” – a long skinny area that connects central Los Angeles with the port (a bit more about the shoestring in this earlier post about recent Vermont Avenue bike lanes also located there.) The neighborhood is called Harbor Gateway. A block east of the lanes are the unincorporated L.A. County communities of Rosewood and Athens Village. A block west of the lanes is the 110 Freeway. A couple long blocks west of the lanes is the city of Gardena.

New bike lane on Figueroa Street, looking north near El Segundo Blvd

This mile-long stretch of Figueroa is industrial, with plenty of truck traffic. There are definitely commuter cyclists that use the street, mostly riding on the sidewalk.

Though it’s the same Figueroa Street where protected bike lanes are planned downtown, this stretch of bike lanes is about 10 miles due south… and a very different complexion.

Thanks to John Jones of the East Side Riders Bike Club for tipping me off to the new lanes. Jones spotted them Sunday evening June 17th 2012. It appears that they were installed this month.

The Figueroa Street bike lanes do not appear in the city-approved bike plan, nor the 5-year implementation plan. They’re an opportunistic “Myra” project where bike lanes could be easily added without an approved plan and without removing any car capacity.

One last image: it looks likes bikes are good business at the gas station at the corner of Rosecrans and Figueroa, the southern terminus of the new Figueroa Street bike lanes. One can only hope that other gas stations can start making this hopeful transition!

Children’s bicycles for sale, at the corner of Rosecrans and Figueroa

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