Fame Awaits: Draw a Bike Critter for SMMoA Contest

Posted on 06/05/2012


Lizard critter on a bike – art by Joe Linton – see more explanation at end of post

Do bikes and art museums mix? Of course. Even Marcel Duchamp knew that.

Recently the L.A. County Museum of Art (LACMA) hosted its bike-themed Earth Day event. Since 2009, the Hammer Museum in Westwood has celebrated its annual Bike Night at the Hammer. Incidentally the Hammer’s Bike Night 2012  is coming up this week – Thursday June 7th 2012 – free admission, music, film and more – and a great time to see the Made in L.A. art show.

Also since 2009, the Santa Monica Museum of Art (SMMoA) has, in collaboration with C.I.C.L.E. and others, hosted the Tour da Arts – a family-friendly art museum event that includes bicycling, music, dance, art-making, and lots of fun and smiles and more fun. To get a sense for Tour da Arts, watch this 2011 video:

Tour da Arts 2012 will take place on Sunday August 19th 2012. 

I, Bikas’ own General Dogsbody Joe Linton, am happy to have been tapped as a judge for entries in the SMMoA Tour da Arts 2012 Bike Critter contest. We judges know bike critter art when we see it – because we’re artists. I’ve posted a bike critter drawing I did at the top of this post. For more of my artwork, see my art website Handmade Ransom Notes. And I know a thing or two about bikes, too.

The contest is open to all ages. You don’t have to be 8-years old, but it probably helps. Note that last year’s contest was won by an 8-year-old. All you have to do is submit your original drawing of a bike critter who’s “cheerful, amusing, and unusual. ” The drawing is to be in black and white, and if you want, you can add one accent color. You don’t win any cash, just fame! Your art will be used on SMMoA materials promoting the 2012 Tour da Arts – coming up August 19th.

Entries are due Thursday June 21st 2012.

Here’s a video of last year’s bike critter entries:

Read more about the Bike Critter contest here and check out the entire Bike Contest Guidelines here.

Note: My bike critter drawing above was part of this flier that I created in 2001 for the very first Los Angeles River Ride event:

Flier for the 2001 Los Angeles River Ride – hosted by the L.A. County Bicycle Coalition – designed by Joe Linton. Prices have gone up just a little since 2001, and it’s still a great ride!

The River Ride, hosted annually by the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, is still going strong! It’s taking place this Sunday June 10th 2012. There are various distances for all kinds of bicycling critters. Find more River Ride information here.

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