New Bike Lanes on Van Nuys Blvd

Posted on 05/30/2012


North end of the new Van Nuys Boulevard bike lanes, Metro Orange Line station on the right.

Continuing Bikas’ journey through  Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley’s recently-installed bikeways: 0.7 mile of new bike lanes on Van Nuys Boulevard. The new lanes extend south from the Metro Orange Line bikeway/busway to Chandler Boulevard.

This portion of Van Nuys is one of L.A.’s crazy-excessively-highway-wide streets. I’ve been known to joke that it’s so wide, the city should build housing down the middle of the street. Bike lanes were easily added without removing anything else.

The project has plenty of connectivity. The south end connects with existing lanes on Chandler Boulevard (a recent portion of which I wrote about here.) The north end of new lanes connects with the Metro Orange Line Busway and Bike Path.  Someday, hopefully soon, they’ll extend just north to the Van Nuys City Hall and a bit further north to, the true center of power in the Valley, the Valley Bikery – located on Victory Boulevard, just east of Van Nuys Boulevard.

These lanes were approved in 2011 in the city’s Bike Plan and in the city’s 5-Year Implementation Strategy. Their implementation was announced via a list of the City Department of Transportation (LADOT) website, which states that they were completed on April 15th 2012.

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