New Bike Lanes on Main Street in South L.A.

Posted on 05/16/2012


This gentleman told me that he thought that South L.A.’s new Main Street bike lanes should have been done a long time ago

Another great new L.A. City bicycle facility to report: new bike lanes were recently striped on 1.0 mile of Main Street in South Los Angeles. The new lanes extend from 92nd Street to 108th Street. 

This new bike lanes were reported in a May 2nd 2012 post at the L.A. Department of Transportation (LADOT) website. The Main Street lanes were approved in the city’s “2010” bike plan, but don’t appear in the city’s 5-year implementation plan.

The northern end of the project intersects the Marshall W “Major” Taylor bike lanes on 96th 98th Street.

Southern end of the new Main Street bike lanes at 108th Street. New Fire Station No. 64 visible in background.

The southern terminus of the lane is at the LAPD Southeast Division station. Immediately across 1o8th Street is L.A.’s Fire Station Sixty-Four.  On the east side of Main Street, across from the LAPD station, is where Compton Creek initially “daylights” as an anonymous concrete box channel.

Based on the existing lane configuration north of 92nd Street and Google maps and street view (for example), this project is a road diet. The roadway formerly was striped with 4 lanes – 2 in each direction, with no turn lane. One lane was eliminated, resulting in 3 lanes – 1 lane in each direction, plus an added central turn lane, plus new bike lanes. Road diets have been shown to make roads safer for everyone, including drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and, of course, bicyclists. This is mostly because they eliminate the blind spot for cars turning left across two lanes of oncoming traffic.

Thanks to Mayor Villaraigosa, Los Angeles City Councilmembers Bernard Parks and Joe Buscaino, and LADOT for getting these lanes implemented!

Newly resurfaced portion of Main Street, just below 108th Street

Riding there yesterday I noticed that three adjacent blocks of Main Street – between 108th and 111th – had recently been resurfaced. This area is already approved for bike lanes in the 2010 bike plan, so, hopefully, the road diet bike lanes can be extended three additional blocks southward very soon when the permanent markings go down on this stretch.

Coincidentally, in early 2012, the LADOT has implemented three new Main Street bike lanes in three fairly different places:

  1. Main Street (Venice) from Windward Cir to city of Santa Monica
  2. Main Street (Downtown L.A.) from 9th Street to Venice Blvd
  3. Main Street (South L.A.) from 92nd Street to 108th Street

Perhaps some day soon, the city can bridge the ~80-block gap between the second and third listings – implement Main Street bike lanes all the way from downtown to the southern end of South L.A.

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